Gordana Balac

Born and bred in West Yorkshire, Gordana is a third year Law student at King’s and has previously represented the Society as one of its Mooting Officers.

Her ultimate aim is a career at the English Bar, aspiring for a mixed set. While she hasn’t yet narrowed down her particular favourites, she has a fondness for Constitutional Law.

Her vision for the Society over the coming year is to build a community where students interested in the Bar can support each other in pursuing a career path which can often feel daunting and lonely. Through a network of career events, advocacy workshops and members socials she hopes to encourage and inspire people considering a rewarding career at the Bar.




Eleanor is a second year International Relations student looking to pursue a career in public law, with a strong interest in immigration. 

Originally from Derbyshire, England, she was the previous Non-Law representative on the society and is keen to engage students from all disciplines, not just law. 

Eleanor plans to organise multiple networking events and panel discussions to raise awareness about the different practice areas of the Bar and to enable students to make the connections needed when searching for relevant work experience. She is particularly passionate about diversifying the Bar and intends to engage female, LGBT+ and BAME barristers with the society.




From Lagos, Nigeria, Karen graduated in 2017 with degrees in Law, Jurisprudence and Social Thought (LJST) and International Relations from Amherst College, USA. She is interested in public international and human rights laws, in particular efforts to develop anti-colonial interpretations of both fields.

Karen loves to travel and has lived in five countries, including Denmark, the Netherlands and Wales. She is fluent in English, half-decent French, and a little Danish.

As Vice President of Advocacy, she is working to expand the scope and content of the society's competitions beyond mooting and commercial law respectively.




Quentin has returned for his final year after studying abroad last year at Cornell Law School.

His interests lie mainly in Antitrust and Intellectual Property Law; specifically, the economics of the patent system and the intersection of IP and Antitrust.

Quentin is open to questions on anything - whether that be career, the law, or anything else. He is eager to work along side the rest of the society to make this an exciting and successful year.




Originally from Auckland, New Zealand, Lanlie is currently in her second year of Law at King’s.

Her main career aspiration is becoming a commercial solicitor, particularly in areas of corporate and IP law. However, she is also interested in management consulting.

When she is not working towards her legal career or fostering yours through the work of KCLBMS, she spends time doing yoga, ‘getting cultured’, writing poetry, scouting for the best food and planning solo adventures around the world.




Fu is a second year Law student from from Singapore. He loves sports (especially rugby and football) as well as musicals and good food. He speaks English, Mandarin and a bit of Spanish.

His main hopes are to go into corporate law and become a City lawyer.

His role on the Society this year is to help ensure all events are run efficiently and that communications are quick and efficient within the Society.


External Moots Officer

Shavonne TEO

Originally from Singapore, Shavonne speaks English, Chinese, and a little Cantonese and French. Her legal interests are in the area of private law, and she hopes to pursue a career in advocacy.

Together with the rest of the advocacy team, Shavonne hopes to bring even greater opportunities for the development of your advocacy skills - through mooting, mock trial, witness examination competitions (amongst others).

She is your point of contact regarding information about external competitions, and will also be responsible for selecting and preparing teams for competitions.




Chloe is a third-year PPL student. Originally from Texas, she has now settled into the UK, with a view to staying on after her degree and pursuing a career in law.

Her current legal areas of interest are environmental law, planning, human rights and public law, so she is committed to diversifying the society’s focus to encompass all areas of practice, not simply commercial law.

She cannot wait to share her passion for advocacy with you all and help to organise an array of workshops and moots to set you on the path to your dream career in law!


advocacy OFFICER


Mathilde is a 2nd Year LLB student from France particularly interested in the areas of public international law and entertainment law.

Fluent in French and Greek with notions of Arabic, German and Latin, she hopes to perform her mission in fostering understanding around advocacy and mastering the art of becoming an Advocate.

Her goal for KCLBMS this year is to propose internal advocacy-related events, including public speaking, advocacy and mooting workshops, particularly for mooting beginners.




Originally from Somerset, Tristan is in his second year of studies in History and International Relations at King’s.

He aspires for a career at the criminal bar, but is also interested in laws governing international conflict.

This year he wishes to show everyone the full diversity of legal practices and divert the focus away from just the commercial bar. He is passionate about getting more non-law students involved, and making them realise that a career at the bar is accessible for everyone, regardless of their course.




Haohan is a second year PPL student at King’s originally from Beijing, China.

He is enthusiastic in litigation and arbitration, especially in the field of Public Law. Therefore, his aspiration is to to enter the Bar of England and Wales.

His hobbies are archery, shooting and Film Noir. Haohan is also a certified cello player and a big enthusiast in bespoke tailoring.


events officer

hollie hamblett

Hollie is currently in her second year studying Law LLB. Her aspirations are to complete a Masters degree before aiming to become a commercial barrister, particularly in the areas of finance and banking.

Her aims with the society are to introduce new events to improve the skills required for a career at the Bar. She also want to create more social events for us to get to know each other throughout the year that won’t just last for the first week of term!



Sam Clare

Originally from Leeds, West Yorkshire, Sam is in his second year of studies in Politics at King’s.

He aspires for a career in commercial law, with a particular focus in litigation and international dispute resolution. However, he is open to trying a range of areas before embarking on the GDL. 

Additionally, Sam enjoys travelling, reading and football.

By encouraging students to take part in mooting and attend other legal focused events, he hopes to remedy the daunting appearance of the legal profession to those without experience.


Post Grad Representative


Kate from Newport, Wales, is undertaking her LLM in International Business Law at King’s.

Her main interests lie in Commercial and Medical Law.

In conjunction with our vision, Kate aims to change the perception of what a career at the bar entails. She hopes to increase awareness of the fantastic networking opportunities KCLBMS offers.

Outside of classes, Kate enjoys taking part in sport and volunteering. She is pending selection to be an appropriate adult for youths and vulnerable adults within police custody.

first year representative

to be confirmed